Will You Wait For Me?


The difference in meaning is between the Future Indefinite ("will you") and subjunctive mood ("would you wait") is that in the former case the necessity for waiting is known to lớn the speaker and the buổi tiệc ngọt whom the speaker is asking, whereas the latter ("would") suggests that the need for waiting is yet not certain, or even hypothetical.

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Both sentences are "correct."

Would does indicate politeness/deference, & will can be used in "not certain" or "hypothetical" situations:

Will you wait for me if I asked you nice(ly)?

Would you wait for me if I asked you nice(ly)?

Here, would shows more deference ( ~= politeness). While, will, as usual when talking about future time, talks about the current resolve of the--in this case--the person being asked, lớn carry out a future action. It is neutral as far as deference/politeness.

As for your sentences, then, use would lớn be more polite/deferential.

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answered Aug 28, 2015 at 15:14
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"Would you wait for me?" is you trying lớn figure out if they"d vì it.

"Will you wait for me?" is asking them to vị it.

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answered Aug 28, năm ngoái at 15:33

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