Shortage Là Gì


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Given the continual shortages of funds khổng lồ meet its budget the government is unlikely khổng lồ consider a halt to lớn logging.
The magazine also predicted that closures would accelerate, possibly leading to a shortage of supply if the transition period was too short.
Overall, however, there was no shortage of resources; the main anxiety for the project team related khổng lồ time and the pressure to lớn deliver successful outcomes.
The shortage of both labor and development capital restricted families to exploiting their land extensively by woodcutting, or through specialized farming, as in market gardens.
If one factory did not pollute the water, downstream factories could use the same water và there would be no shortage.
Over time, the lack of fertiliser impacted with increasing severity on the yields of plantations already suffering from the effects of fuel shortages.
However, occurrence of outbreaks and periods of staff shortage meant that collaborators found it difficult always to lớn follow this regime.
However, occurrence of outbreaks and periods of staff shortages meant that collaborators found it difficult to lớn always follow this regime.
As in 1822, severe weather during the previous autumn had destroyed crops và resulted in food shortages during the early part of the year.
In his view, however, straitened circumstances và food shortage, whether actual or feared, could not justify contraceptive use.
The country"s dependence on imported merchandise made it vulnerable khổng lồ supply disruptions, with shortages creating opportunities for " profiteering " by those with access to scarce goods.
Virtually all people in the research area are well aware of the general shortage of arable land and the competition over it.
In a full conversion to organic farming, they predict shortages in the meat supply if meat consumption continues to lớn remain high.
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Các từ thường được thực hiện cùng với shortage.

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We are in fact tending khổng lồ create an artificial shortage và a virtual monopoly in office accommodation.
There is a chronic shortage of human pancreas tissue suitable for either whole pancreas or islet transplantation.

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Not only those seeking to lớn buy new houses will be adversely affected by a continuing shortage of mortgage funds.