the process of removing dangerous or poisonous substances from the environment, or limiting the effect that they have on it:

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remediation of sth The program supports local responses to chemical-spill emergencies, hazardous-waste disposal, cùng remediation of industrial sites.It is hoped that the remediation steps described above will be effective in addressing the company”s problems.Ideally the ultimate goal of any remediation effort will be to reduce the concentrations of contaminants at the site phệ those befitting a pristine ecosystem. There is also a need for universal guidelines for monitoring remediation success specifically in the cold regions. Phần nhiều quan điểm của các ví dụ không hề hiện cách nhìn của những biến hóa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hay của rất nhiều nhà cấp cho phép. Similarly, simple venial mistakes or lapses in professionalism may be distinguished from those egregiously unprofessional behaviors that warrant serious remediation or dismissal. This finding, which requires replication, suggests that maternal sensitivity khủng a child”s specific emotional needs is associated with short-term remediation of conduct problems. In the case of contaminant remediation, there is essentially the opposite situation: large need và far too little research với development.

These findings help narrow the tìm kiếm for targets for cognitive remediation that may have implications for improving community functioning. Factors governing the effective remediation of negative affect cùng its cognitive cùng behavioural consequences. By contrast two other psychological treatments, mạng xã hội skills training cùng cognitive remediation, have failed to show evidence of benefit in controlled trials. This resulted in a program for the monitoring và remediation of hydrocarbon contamination in freezing ground at the former base site. Here, we describe briefly contemporary procedures for the remediation với prevention of problematic behavior.



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