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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput somebody/something ↔ forward phrasal verb1 SUGGESTto suggest a plan, proposal, idea etc for other people lớn consider or discuss SYN propose  They put forward a number of suggestions.2 SUGGESTto suggest formally that you or someone else should be considered for a particular job, membership of an organization etc  Her name was put forward for the lead role in the play.3 EARLYto arrange for an event to start at an earlier time or date to lớn  The men’s final has been put forward khổng lồ 1:30.4 put a clock/watch forwardTMC British English khổng lồ make a clock or watch show a later time SYN set forward American English COLLOCATIONSnounsput forward a proposal/suggestionShe put forward a compromise proposal.put forward a plan/schemeBoth parties have put forward plans for political reform.put forward an ideaIn 1829 he put forward the idea that the Earth is contracting.put forward a theory/hypothesisMany theories have been put forward as lớn the building’s original purpose.put forward a viewWe should encourage individuals to lớn put forward their views.put forward an argumentHe rejected the arguments put forward by the company’s lawyers.put forward a reason/explanationA variety of reasons have been put forward to explain these changes. → put→ See Verb tableExamples from the Corpusput forward• In Fiona"s case it was the Inverness Nordic Ski Club which put her name forward.• Of course, Simak was not putting this forward as a serious theory.• He puts himself forward as its leader.• They even put their ages forward by a year, unknown khổng lồ their parents, when they enlisted.• But it is publicly acknowledged that these numbers, which represent people who have put themselves forward for testing, are underestimates.• Now he would have lớn return the money he had been given khổng lồ put names forward for the vacancies.• He put the proposals forward formally in a letter to the two houses of parliament and the Constitutional Court on Nov. 30.• He had been summoned to lớn appear before an Officer Selection Board, having put his name forward shortly after joining the Regiment.put to• to date four firm candidates have put their names forward khổng lồ fight the traditionally safe Conservative East Hampshire seat.From Longman Business Dictionaryput something → forward phrasal verb to lớn suggest a plan, proposal etc, especially in order khổng lồ start discussions about something that needs lớn be decidedThe UK accountancy bodies have put forward the idea of a European accounting standards body.The working các buổi party has put forward a number of interesting proposals.

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→ put→ See Verb table

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