Rich in culture and heritage, one of the best ways to plans an unforgettable trip to lớn Vietnam is lớn plan the vacation around any festival that is celebrated in the country. Most of the festivals in Vietnam are celebrated during specific times of the year, the dates are fixed depending on the Chinese Lunar calendar, the source of inspiration. Watching these festivals are a soul-touching experience and it lets you absorb & witness the culture which the Vietnamese people hold very close lớn their heart. So next time you are planning a Vietnam vacation don’t forget to kiểm tra the calendar to lớn make sure your vacation is exceptional. 

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Top 7 Festivals of Vietnam that one must not miss

Most of the festivals in Vietnam fall in the first half of the year, yet another point making the first 6 months the best time lớn visit Vietnam. We have listed some of the top celebrated festivals in Vietnam which you can look khổng lồ incorporate in your itinerary the next time you plan a Vietnam holiday.

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Tet Nguyen DanPerfume Pagoda FestivalHung King Temple FestivalHue FestivalBuddha’s BirthdayMid-Autumn Festival Hoi An Lantern Festival

1. Tet Nguyen Dan

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The Vietnamese Lunar New year is celebrated lớn thank the gods for the arrival of spring. The locals come together as a family và welcome the new year by offering prayers lớn their ancestors. Many travel back to lớn their hometowns to lớn be with their family and hence you will find cities lượt thích Ho chi Minh and Hanoi relatively less crowded during this period. The Hanoi Opera House hosts firework displays và wonderful parties at night. In the morning, the locals proceed lớn the Ngoc Son Temple or quan liêu Su Pagoda to lớn light incense sticks & pray to lớn their ancestors. One of the best Vietnamese festivals, Hanoi would make an ideal spot khổng lồ enjoy the Tet Festival. Enjoy it with your partner by booking a Vietnam honeymoon package.

When – The First Day of the First Month of the Chinese lunar calendar

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2. Perfume Pagoda Festival

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The Perfume Pagoda welcomes thousands of pilgrims and tourists from around the world khổng lồ visit the sacred caves. The visitors pray for a happy và prosperous year ahead. The Perfume Pagoda is one of the sought after Pilgrimage sites in the country thus making it one of the best festivals in Vietnam and an extremely important one as well. To lớn visit the Perfume Pagoda one has lớn travel through a beautiful limestone mountain via rice paddies and historical shrines. Then you need to take a boat and climb about a hundred stone steps khổng lồ arrive at the breathtaking caves.

When – The festival begins on February 15 on the lunar calendar & continues till mid-March.

3. Hung King Temple Festival

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This is one of the national public holidays & it is one of the most prominent và celebrated festivals in Vietnam. The Hung King temples spread across the country play host lớn this colourful festival.The main ceremony is held at Hung Temple in Phong Chau District và it is one of the best places lớn witness the grand event. The festival is celebrated every year around the 8th or 11th day of the lunar month according to lớn the Chinese calendar. Tourists can witness the festival from across the country even if they are not able khổng lồ visit the main temple.

When – The main festival day takes place on 10 March every year & the activities last for the first 10 days of the third lunar month.

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4. Hue Festival – The Music Festival of Vietnam

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Taking place every 2 years, the UNESCO-listed Hue city is trang chủ to one of the most major festivals in Vietnam celebrated with joy và splendour – The Vietnam Music Festival. This week-long festival portrays an amazing array of cultural events, games & performances. There is never a dull moment at this festival as there is a multitude of activities lượt thích human chess, boat racing, kite flying, drums và percussions, Hue Poetry Festival and many more.Your day will be entertained with multiple film screenings, acrobatics, puppet shows, art exhibitions, street performances that are part of their traditional customs.

When – Happens every 2 years in April, May or June

5. Buddha’s Birthday

One of the most important festivals in Vietnam, Buddha’s birthday is celebrated by devotees across the country. The locals bring various offerings to lớn the decorated temples including flower garlands, fruits & a variety of Vietnamese dishes. Considered khổng lồ be one of the best places to celebrate this day, Hoi An holds witness khổng lồ thousands visiting to lớn partake in street parades and prayer sessions. The celebrations start off with a procession of monks walking along the Ancient Town of Hoi An. The devotees make their way khổng lồ the Phap Bao Pagoda khổng lồ perform religious rites và listen lớn Buddhist Scriptures.

When – 30th April

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6. Mid-Autumn Festival- The Harvest Festival of Vietnam

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This colourful festival is celebrated on the 14th & 15th of the lunar month. Lanterns are lit during the night time & both children and elders come together & enjoy the festivities. This harvest festival is one of the best festivals in Vietnam. People get lớn witness the spectacular Lion Dance & also get khổng lồ taste special food lượt thích jellies, biscuits và moon cakes.

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When – 1st October

7. Hoi An Lantern Festival of Vietnam

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Taking place every full moon, this festival transforms the UNESCO World Heritage Site into a striking display of colours. The ancient đô thị is decorated with paper lanterns of all size, colours & shapes. This serene town is transformed into a very happy place with all shops, restaurants & business in the ancient town with hundreds of lanterns và candles. These shops stop using electricity khổng lồ make use of the lanterns & candles to the fullest. This light festival though it takes place in Hoi An, the Ancient Town is the best places to witness this festival in Vietnam.

When – Every month on the Full moon day

A fantastic way to lớn experience the country’s culture is by taking part in these beautiful festivals in Vietnam. So what is the wait for? Plan a trip to Vietnam with our experts at lớn indulge yourself in the rich heritage và vibrant culture. You can also explore our recently booked Vietnam package page khổng lồ get inspiration from our popular Vietnam tour package. Let’s start your Vietnam vacation planning and book your dream Vietnam trip with!



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