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downstream /"daun"stri:m/ phó từ xuôi dòng




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Từ điển WordNet


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in the direction of a stream"s current


Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. The direction in which information, such as a news feed for a newsgroup or data from an http (Web) server, is passed from one vps to the next. See also news feed, newsgroup, server.adv. 1. The location of a client computer in relation to lớn a server. 2. The direction in which data moves from the vps to the client.adj. Refers to lớn data that moves from a remote network to an individual computer. In some Internet-related communications technologies, data flows more quickly downstream than upstream; cable modems, for example, can transfer data as fast as 30 Mbps downstream but tư vấn much slower rates, from 128 Kbps to around 2 Mbps, upstream. Compare upstream.

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

下游下游The transfer of corporate activity from the larger parent to lớn the smaller subsidiary.

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Investopedia Financial Terms


Theoil and gas operations that take place after the production phasethrough lớn the point of sale.
Investopedia Says:
Most oil companies are known as being "integrated" because they combine upstreamactivities, which include exploration & production,with downstream operations.

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Oil và Gas Field Glossary

Those activities which take place between the loading of crude oil at the export terminal và the use of the oil by the end-user. This encompasses the ocean transportation of crude oil, supply and trading, refining và the distribution and marketing of the oil products. See also: upstream.

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

syn.: downriver