Ielts cue card # 116


Whether you throw on your clothes haphazardly as you get ready for school or spend the weekends shopping with your friends, everyone has one piece of clothing that they’ll constantly love & never get rid of. Even if it’s a basic t-shirt or a shining dress, it isn’t just a part of your wardrobe; it’s a part of you. Read on khổng lồ see what your favorite piece of clothing says about you!



An essential part of most teenagers’ wardrobes, a hoodie guarantees coziness và warmth during any occasion. You prioritize being comfortable over anything, and a hoodie does a great job covering up all parts of your body. 


If you like wearing shorts, you are more athletic than others và enjoy being able to move around. You are confident & easygoing wherever you go. You are also optimistic và focused on your goals. 

Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants like baggy jeans and cargo pants have become the new trend for the past few years. You’re calm, reliable, & tend khổng lồ go with the flow. You’re straightforward in your decisions & take life at your own pace. 


Your favorite clothing vật phẩm might be a gold chain or dangly hoop earrings. It makes you feel complete, và you can’t go out without it. You give things a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of thought and are loyal lớn your loved ones. You are sentimental, but you might hoard your possessions. 

Statement Tops

If your go-to piece of clothing is flashy và attracts stares from across the room, you are passionate, curious, & adventurous.

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You don’t care about other people’s judgment and are very bold & persuasive. You enjoy new experiences & never stop seeking exciting thrills.

Skinny Pants 

For many years, form-fitting pants lượt thích leggings & skinny jeans have been the essential and dependable clothing item. If you lượt thích this silhouette of bottoms, you tend to lớn stay in your comfort zone. You know what you want, và you stick with it. You are kind and earnest & prefer more superficial things. 


The t-shirt is the ultimate basic of basics. Whether worn baggy or in a crop top, the t-shirt is clean và straightforward. They are casual, used for everyday errands và for living daily life. You appear friendly lớn other people and are resilient about your opinions. 


You might be a massive sneakerhead, or you just like wearing your favorite pair of Converse every day. Shoes are the finishing touch khổng lồ an outfit & are definitely the most worn thing in your wardrobe. If your favorite article of clothing is sneakers, you are intelligent but often come off as blunt. Overall, you are cheerful & bright & love to lớn help out others.