Bánh canh tiếng anh là gì

Seafood lovers will surely enjoy this Vietnamese Banh Canh Cua Tom served in thick umami-rich broth topped with succulent shrimp, crabs, shrimp balls. I’m sharing the easy version too.

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Bánh Canh Cua Tôm (Crab & Shrimp Tapioca Noodle Soup)

I’m seriously a noodle addict lượt thích beyond help. Actually, I don’t want to lớn be helped! It doesn’t matter if it’s winter of summer, I always make room for noodle soup. Perhaps I grew up in a tropical country where it’s warm all year long and yet people are slurping noodles while sweat is rolling down their faces and backs. Anyway, another delicious Vietnamese noodle soup I think everyone must try is this banh canh cua tom.

WHAT IS BANH CANH ?Banh canh is a thick noodle that is made with tapioca and rice flour combination. Depending on the ratio of tapioca lớn rice flour, more tapioca flour will give you a more chewy texture while rice flour will give a more softer noodles.

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It looks lượt thích udon, but udon is made with wheat flour. Banh canh certainly reminds me of the khao piak sen noodles I made a while ago. Banh canh is readily available at Asian grocery stores. If you want to make a fresh one, use this khao piak sen recipe.

BANH CANH CUA TOMCua means crab and tom means shrimp in Vietnamese. You probably have heard of banh canh cua, that is without the shrimp. Simple as that